Each contestant may have one hair and makeup person back stage. This person does not need to pay a fee to assist you back stage.We ask that you arrive with your initial hair and makeup ready. They may be male or female. It is not unusual in pageants and modeling to have both male and female staff in the dressing rooms. We will provide a female only area for changing clothing for anyone who prefers to change in complete privacy. We expect everyone to be respectful of one another. Some people are comfortable changing in a coed environment while others are not. We will do our best to accommodate everyone.We do not endorse or recommend any particular vendor. UCAS University og CosmetologynArts & Sciences students will be on-site for hair & makeup the day of pageant (please tip student)







Pageant Rules:


  1. Good Sportsmanship is required at all times. No name calling, or physical/verbal abuse.  This includes the parents and family members.  We will disqualify contestants, if necessary, for un-sportsmanship like conduct. No negative comments about the delegates or staff of the pageant will be tolerated. No slandering of delegates or the Miss Plus San Antonio will be tolerated! These are grounds for automatic termination. Must live in San Antonio or have resided in Bexar County for at least 5 years with appropriate state ID. Sizes 12 & Up are considered plus size in our pageant. 

  2. Judges decisions are final.

  3. Contestants agree to return to next year’s pageant if they win a title. 

  4. Discounts or awards given by outside companies are the responsibility of that company.  We do not guarantee sponsor prizes. Sizes of crowns and trophies are approximate.

  5. Your age is determined as of the date of the first day of the pageant at midnight.

  6. The pageant will not disclose other contestant’s names only the number of contestants.

  7. Bounced Checks will be assessed a $25.00 returned check fee which you will be required to pay prior to competing.

  8. If you enter late it will be at the pageants discretion whether to let you compete.

  9. All Fees must be paid before you are eligible to compete.

  10. The pageant or host/facility is not responsible for injury to the contestant/family, or damage, loss or theft to their property.  Please keep an eye on your things and do not leave them unattended.

  11. By paying the registration fee you give the pageant and its sponsors, affiliates or assigns the right to use photos, videos, or any other form of media on paperwork, websites, ads, and other documents for promotional purposes.

  12. Contestant will not do anything that may negatively affect the reputation of the Miss Plus Size San Antonio Organization. If this happens the Miss Plus San Antonio reserves the right to remove any titles won and an automatic disqualification from the organization.

  13. Miss Plus San Antonio is not responsible for accidental errors or omissions during crowning as long as the error is rectified by mail within 30 days.

  14. Contestant and Contestant’s Supporters, Guests or Visitors, will conduct themselves in a respectful, professional manner at all times during any contest and pageant. Bad sportsmanship is NOT tolerated and will be grounds for removal of Contestant from the pageant without refund.

  15. Contestant promises not to slander the Miss Plus San Antonio, its directors, peers, judges, volunteers or anyone else affiliated with the pageant.

  16. Contestant understands and agrees that violating the above rules is grounds for removal from the competition or removal of any and all titles and/or awards won without refund. Contestant further agrees to return all prizes, including cash prizes, and awards at the request of the Miss Plus San Antonio if it is found that the contestant has broken any of the above rules

  17. Pageant Delegates MUST obtain at least one Sponsorship  in the amount of $150 or above and 2 advertisement spaces in the amount of $75 for program book by assigned deadline.

  18. The winner must complete, sign and return the Queen's Contract within 48 hours to director of pageant

  19. Have Fun!!!








We DO NOT have rules against having alcoholic beverages while wearing your banner or crown or showing affection to your significant other while wearing your banner and crown in a publicly appropriate manner. We also do not have any rules against modeling nude assuming it is modeling, not pornography. We also do not have rules against having cell phones at rehearsals. We are all responsible adults and we respect your ability to make sound choices.


By paying the fee you agree to abide by the rules of the pageant. You furthermore agree that you are aware that not abiding by the pageant rules may result in disqualification and/or you may be required to give up any titles and awards previously won/earned.  You agree that the information in your application is true to the best of your knowledge and understand that falsification of information including birth date/age could result in disqualification and/or may be required to give up any titles, prizes, and awards won/earned.